Technology Application

Replacement of chemical emulsifiers, additives and binding agents Development of nutritious and clean label beverages Development of nutritious and clean label food products

Protein Extraction

a.   Whole Proteins Production of whole proteins in the form of concentrated and isolates b.   Functional Proteins Production of proteins with functions that serves as clean label emulsifiers and binding agents

Nutrient Generation

Generating vitamins and proteins through fermentation technology. Controlled fermentation of edible fungi serves as a sustainable source of food that contributes to Singapore food security 30/30 vision.

Nutrient Liberation

a.   Phytic Acid One of the key anti-nutrient that we degrade with our technology is Phytic Acid. Phytic Acid binds to essential minerals and prevents efficient absorption of nutrients. We can liberate nutrients from whole ingredients through reducing 50% to 90% of Phytic Acid a.   Oxalic Acid The second anti-nutrient that we degrade […]